Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pedro's Debuts Womens Cancer Awarenes Kit At Cross Nationals

Of course Pedro's decides to debut their pink and white kit at the only truly muddy cross race of the year: Cross Nationals in Bend, Oregon. After David Wilcox (above) rode the time trial to determine his seeding for the Masters 30+ race, he was pretty sure the mud-spattered kit would never recover. "So what, are those like one time use kits?" was the line the Pedro's Grassroots Team riders heard over and over again, all weekend long. But with some soaking in a bucket of diluted Green Fizz, the kits came back to life.

How bad was the mud?

The filthy slurry of Bend mud permeated the skin suit and cascaded its way down to the chamois. "It was technical, but I wasn't THAT scared." said U23 rider Josh Lehmann. You do the math.

Jeff Bramhall, Pedro's Operations Manager got out there to play in the mud too.

The Wilcox pre-mud bath, posing in front of the Pedro's neutral bike wash.

Tim Johnson was out pre-riding with a fender. Apparently a pro way to avoid the embarrassing skid-mark up the backside thing. A man once said that the mud-stripe is to winter riding what tan lines are to summer riding. That man was an idiot.

An Oregon CX fan unwittingly gets with the Pedro's program.

Pinning your bro's number on...a big part of Cross. Nothing creates a bond between two people like stabbing each other repeatedly with safety pins.

Adam Myerson is either bugging Dave about getting hooked up with a white Pedro's hat, or saying "You look awesome. I have an amazing life, but I would trade places with you right now at the drop of a hat, and speaking of hats..."

Photos of the matching Cielo bikes coming soon...

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