Monday, December 27, 2010

Pink & White Chris King/Pedro's Cielo Unveiled in Bend, Oregon

In addition to the pink and white skin suits, Pedro's unveiled a very special bike out at Cyclocross Nationals in Bend, Oregon — a pink and white Chris King Cielo.

The bike made an appearance at the Keep A Breast Foundation "Breast of Bend" fundraiser at the Midtown Ballroom in Bend on the Friday before Nationals.

The above stickers were available at the party. In the context of a discussion about breast cancer they are totally inoffensive, awesome even, but put it next to this bumper sticker:

on your pick up truck and it might take on an entirely different connotation.

The bike made a big splash at the Breast of Bend party, but it made its debut appearance at the Sunnyside Sports Pedro's/Lazer Helmets party the night before. Pedro's VP and top-notch wrench, Matty "Release The" Bracken, was under a bit of pressure as he tried to get the bike runway-ready before party time.

Matty B. went on a mad scavenger hunt for white housing, but had to settle for black. Still not too bad looking, eh?

The La Cumbre Peak, engraved brass head tube badge.

The bike is also adorned with all pink Chris King components, from the headset...

to the rear hub...

all the way back up to the front hub.

These are some quick "from the hip" shots, check back soon for some more artfully done (read: less horribly-bad) photos.

This dude was down with the pink theme.

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